Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jack says...Get those seeds planted!

Last year I had a great time going to the farm with Frank. I loved to run around and chill out in the breeze. The garden rocked! It is that time of year to get the seeds planted. Last year we had such a unique mix of veggies and even peppers from Peru. Here are some highlights.

Frank Chopping for an awesome salsa- John inspecting his work ; )

Frank, Kristie and John take a break while the sauce is simmering!
Thanks to all those who helped with the watering and weeding.
Especially Mike, TJ, Chelse and Eddie!

It is amazing that from one little seed you can start a plant. That grows a tomato. That turns into a harvest of beautiful colored tomatoes (red, orange, yellow and black). And with a little Frankie magic turns into cans of beautiful and delicious sauces, salsas and mixtures! I wish dogs liked veggies, oh well I at least love the car ride to the garden.

Yours truly,

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